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First Aid Oxygen-Rapid Oxygen R15

Comes with connecting tube and mask attached.

Now you can have first aid oxygen available anywhere, a necessity in any health and first aid program.  Hero’s safe and easy to use Rapid Oxygen R15 device, designed in partnership with the University of Michigan, enhances preparedness and helps mitigate any cardiac or breathing emergency (allergic reaction, asthma attack, etc.) from escalating while waiting for the arrival of EMS.  .

This is portable, non-explosive oxygen that does not require a prescription, nor a power source – it’s not an oxygen cylinder and is the only publicly accessible oxygen available.  The R15 is being integrated into CPR/First Aid training courses and becoming a best practice.  This first aid oxygen device is the ideal for any setting: industrial, corporate, schools, retail/public, government/municipal, airports, train stations, resorts, homes, pools and beyond.

The device is typically located beside a fire extinguisher and/or AED. It's plug and play, and simple to use with no maintenance. An integrated mask is included - just turn the handle and attach the included mask to provide humidified oxygen while waiting for EMS.   

How to Use Video: First Aid Oxygen 1-2-3

  • Delivers 6 Liters of 100% Humidified Oxygen per Minute
  • Over 15 Minutes of Pure Oxygen Supply
  • Includes Latex-Free Oxygen Mask and Connecting Tube
  • Simple One-Lever Operation
  • Ideal Operating Range Between 68° and 75° Fahrenheit
  • 2-Year Shelf Life, One-Time Use
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Dimensions: 8”x14”x16”
  • Weight: Approx. 16 Lbs.