Cleanspace Respirator: EX Low Profile Profile System

Advanced Respirator
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CleanSpace EX Low Profile Power System

The CleanSpace EX Low Profile Power Unit is an intrinsically safe battery-powered, positive pressure air-purifying respirator (PAPR). The CleanSpace EX is suitable for use in certain ignitable or potentially explosive atmospheres where there is a risk of explosion.

It is suitable for particulate and gas applications. The CleanSpace EX respirator can be used with CleanSpace Half Masks (PAF-0033, PAF-1010, PAF-0027) and CleanSpace Full Face Masks (PAF-1014). The Power Unit is compatible with the full range of standard CleanSpace Particulate (P3) and Combined Gas filters and pre-filters.

IMPORTANT: The CleanSpace Full Face Mask is not intrinsically safe approved. Check the site requirements for Intrinsically Safe approvals.

  • Intrinsically safe
  • Light weight and comfortable
  • High visibility yellow casing for easy recognition
  • AirSensit System™ for mask pressure control and breath responsive airflow
  • One-button system and standby and auto-start/stop mode for quick don/doffing
  • Easy to use support harness
  • Altitude compensated filter blocked detection
  • Long operating time: up to 8 hours and quick battery recharging: < 2hours
  • Easy and accurate flow capability check

What's in the Box?

  • Particulate Filter (P3/HEPA)
  • Flow Test Cap
  • Seal Check Cap
  • PAF-1100 Charger
  • PAF-0073 Head Harness
  • PAF-1028 Neck Support Small
  • PAF-1012 Neck Support Medium
  • PAF-1013 Neck Support Large
  • PAF-3032 Carry Bag
  • User Manual