HERO Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (Portable)

Regular price $6,920.00
Chamber Pressure

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Includes Caire Oxygen Concentrator and Air Compressor
Electric Air Compressor is Very Quiet (See available video)
(Select Available Models)

Key Points:
  • Soft lying hyperbaric oxygen chamber inflates with the included oxygen concentrator/air compressor unit.  
  • Can be operated alone, without assistance
  • Delivers 95% oxygen under pressure via face mask
  • Large transparent viewing windows for additional comfort
  • 2 YKK zippers for safety operation and easier entrance

SELECT (Prices Differ):

  • Color: White or Blue
  • Sizes (Diameter): 32-Inch, 34-Inch and 36-Inch
  • Chamber Pressure: 1.3 ATA (4.5 PSI) or 1.5 ATA (7.2 PSI)
  • Concentrator Flow Rate: 5 Liters or 10 Liters

Price includes:
  • 1 Soft Lying Chamber
  • 1 Oxygen Concentrator System (Select 5L or 10L)
  • 1 Air Compressor (60L w/5L concentrator-75L w/10L concentrator)
  • 2 Automatic Pressure Relief Valve
  • 1 Manual Pressure Relief Valve
  • 3 Air Intake
  • 1 Plug
  • 1 Pressure Gauge
  • 1 Sponge silencer 

Oxygen Concentrator Combined with AIr Compressor
This dual functioning uint produces the oxygen purity and pressure inside the hyperbaric chamber.  Select the oxygen concentrator to produce 5 liters (L) or 10 liters of oxygen with high oxygen purity up to 90-96%. The unit also includes a and 75L of air, which fills the chamber within 7 minutes.

Warranty: One (1) Year