Keenon S100 Delivery Robot

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Effortless 220 Lbs. Delivery: Redefining Hospitality and Industrial Mobility. 

The Keenon S100 is a heavy-load delivery robot designed for industrial applications and demanding delivery tasks. This unit helps warehouse and industrial operations become more efficient with greater safety and reduced labor costs so your employees can focus on what matters.  Also, use the S100 in resorts to deliver bags to rooms with ease and impress your guests at the same time as you reduce labor costs.  Here's what makes the S100 stand out:

  • High Capacity: Boasting a 220 Lbs. payload capacity, the S100 can handle bulky and heavy items with ease.
  • Safe Navigation: Equipped with advanced sensors like LiDAR and stereo vision, the S100 precisely maps its surroundings and avoids obstacles like low-hanging objects, ensuring safe operation in complex environments.
  • Plug-and-Play: Powered by pre-installed OS and App, S100 offers ready-to-use solutions for instant robot deployment.
  • Speed: 1.8 mph operating speed
  • Battery: 8-hour battery life, 2.5-hour charging time
  • 3 Charging Options: Charging station, adapter, and battery swap
  • 24/7 Operation: Featuring a quick 15-second battery swap system, the S100 keeps running around the clock to meet your uninterrupted delivery needs. It also supports both automatic and manual charging for added flexibility.
  • Human-Robot Collaboration: The S100's advanced safety features allow it to operate seamlessly alongside humans , promoting a collaborative working environment.

In short, the Keenon S100 is a powerful and dependable solution for heavy-duty deliveries in factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings.


Speed: 1.8 mph operating speed
Dimensions: 36.4"x*24.4"x50.5"
Weight: 192.9 Lbs. with battery
Minimum Passage Width: 29.6"

In the Box

  • Keenon S100 Industrial Delivery Robt
  • Charging Station
  • Charging Station plug and cord 110v


None Available - See Data Sheet in Videos/Docs tab.


Documents:  S100 Data Sheet