Necklite - Moldable Neck Brace for Adults/Children (Stores Flat/Folded/Rolled)

SKU: NL-100G
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Introducing a moldable emergency neck brace, comprised of a soft aluminum and coated with high density PU foam. These specific design characteristics allow the brace to be folded or rolled for compact storage. This allows for convenient transport in backpacks, kits and narrow pockets. A series of moldable small wings are positioned under the chin in order to conform to each patient’s unique features. Once applied to a patient, it becomes rigid and the neck is tightly immobilized.
  • Flat and flexible - stores folded/rolled
  • A one size fits all moldable neck stabilization device (select adult or pediatric)
  • Stabilization for extrication and rehabilitation
  • Large tracheal opening allows for optimal visualization
  • Helps reduce lateral movement
  • Foldable and moldable before and after application
  • One size fits all adults/pediatrics (select size)
  • Single patient use
  • X-ray translucent
  • Fits in any kit
  • Latex free
  • Non-rigid