R15 Emergency Oxygen

No Prescription - Includes connecting tube and mask

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The R15 Emergency Oxygen comes with a connecting tube and attached mask. Simply turn the handle and connect the mask to provide humidified oxygen while waiting for EMS. This product is suitable for various locations such as industrial, corporate, schools, retail/public, government/municipal, airports, train stations, resorts, homes, and pools. It is typically placed near a fire extinguisher and/or AED for easy access. The device is user-friendly and requires no maintenance, making it a must-have for any health and first aid program. Developed in collaboration with the University of Michigan, the portable and non-explosive R15 oxygen is readily available without a prescription or power source. It is also integrated into CPR/First Aid training courses as a best practice, serving as a valuable tool in preparing for cardiac or breathing emergencies, such as allergic reactions or asthma attacks, while waiting for professional help to arrive.

  • No Batteries or Power Required
  • No Prescription Required
  • Simple One-Lever Operation
  • Delivers 6 Liters of Oxygen per Minute
  • 100% Humidified Oxygen
  • Over 15 Minutes of Pure Oxygen Supply
  • No Maintenance Required


  • Dimensions:                        14" W x 16" H x 8" D 
  • Weight: Approx.                 16 Lbs.
  • Shelf Life:                            2-Years (One-Time Use)
  • Ideal Operating Range:    68-75 F

In the Box

  • R15 oxygen device
  • Connecting tube
  • Latex-Free Oxygen Mask
  • Wall shelf or cabinet is not included


1. What is the R15™ device? 

The R15 Emergency Oxygen device is the only commercially available portable emergency oxygen product that is safe to use in ALL public places and that does not require certification, training or specialized storage. This device is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide oxygen for emergency use. Once the R15 device is activated, oxygen flows through the connected mask at a therapeutic rate of 6 liters per minute for 15 minutes. The R15 device requires no electric or battery source and no maintenance. It has a 2-year shelf life, at which point a replacement R15 device may be ordered.

2. Do I need a prescription to purchase an R15?

No, the R15 does not require a prescription per the FDA.

3. Is the R15 approved or cleared by the FDA?

Yes, the R15 is FDA cleared as a medical device. 

4. How does the R15 device work?

Once activated, the R15 generates 100% humidified emergency oxygen for a minimum of 15 minutes. Oxygen is generated after you turn a lever on the R15 device by combining sodium percarbonate with water and a catalyst. The oxygen flow rate of 6 liters per minute meets FDA criteria for an over the counter emergency oxygen delivery system.

5. What are the R15 device advantages over an oxygen gas cylinder?

Oxygen gas cylinders cannot be openly stored in public spaces due to their very high gas pressures and risk of explosion. Oxygen cylinders should be stored in specialized temperature controlled cabinets. Oxygen gas cylinders require a prescription for use and are not simple to use, particularly in an emergency - only properly certified individuals may operate an oxygen cylinder. The oxygen cylinder also must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure the pressure and valves meet FDA requirements and local safety codes. In contrast to pressurized oxygen cylinders, the R15 produces oxygen by coming safe chemicals under very low pressure, which allows the device to be stored on an open shelf or standard cabinet. The R15 device is cleared by the FDA as an over-the-counter product to be used by untrained bystanders and without a prescription. 

6. Why is the R15™ Portable Emergency Oxygen device so important?

Every second counts during a breathing or cardiac emergency. Here’s what happens after a victim is without oxygen: At 30 – 180 seconds: Victim may lose consciousness At 1 minute: Brain cells begin to die At 3 minutes: Lasting brain damage more likely At 5 minutes: Death may be imminent At 8 minutes: Average EMS response time 4003-005 6 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ’s) - Continued Before the R15 was developed, there was no widely ACCESSIBLE & SAFE way for bystanders to deliver emergency oxygen to victims of breathing or cardiac emergencies in public places. The R15 is NOT a pressurized oxygen cylinder and not an explosion hazard so it can be safely stored and used anywhere. The R15 is cleared by the FDA for use by anyone without training or certification and provides an additional level of life support. The R15 is portable and is easily carried to a victim of a breathing or cardiac emergency. The R15 will provide uninterrupted emergency oxygen for 15 minutes, which is about twice as long as the average emergency medical services (EMS) response time in the United States.

7. When would you use the R15 device?

The R15 may be used for any breathing emergency, including cardiac arrest. Following are some examples of the events that can lead to breathing emergencies where the R15 device may be used:

  • Allergic Reaction
  • Drowning Victim
  • Drug Overdose
  • Fainting (from heat exhaustion or dehydration, etc.)
  • Fire
  • Heart Attack
  • Over Exertion
  • Personal injury accident causing person to pass out
  • Pneumonia
  • Shortness of Breath/Troubled Breathing

When someone is struggling to breathe, bystanders should immediately call and then use the R15 support victim breathing until EMS arrives.

8. Why is emergency oxygen so important during a medical emergency?

Life-threatening medical emergencies can be accompanied by low tissue oxygen levels (not enough oxygen in the victim’s blood). Even short periods of oxygen loss can lead to tissue damage, coma, or death in less than fifteen minutes. Bystander delivery of emergency oxygen using the R15 can provide additional life support until EMS arrives. 

9. Does the R15 Require Electric Power?

The R15 is totally mechanical, does not require battery or electrical power.  It is activated by simply, laying the unit flat, removing tape to open mask compartment, fit mask, turn lever from the 3 o’clock to six o’clock position and 100% warmed and humidified oxygen flows for a minimum of 15 minutes.

10. Is the R15 Refillable?

Each R15 is a one-time use device and disposable – the unit is not refillable, however, any units that are used in an emergency qualify for a $50 credit with supporting documentation. 

11. How does the R15 device reduce exposure to potential “premises liability”?

The R15 is a unique safety technology designed and cleared by the FDA for bystander use – like an automatic external defibrillator (AED). Incorporating the most up-to-date safety equipment into corporate protocols is a best practice that may help reduce liability when the event occurs at a company’s premises.

12. Where do you place the R15 device?

The R15 should be prominently placed in highly visible public areas for rapid access during a medical emergency. It is recommended, as with AEDs, that the R15 devices are situated in locations no farther than a 1 to 2 minute walk from a main public area. Example locations include: near existing safety equipment (e.g. AEDs, fire extinguishers, first aid kits), in locker rooms, restaurant or bar areas, lobbies by a security guard, or elevator. Select multiple sites for installation of the R15 so responders do not have to go too far to find an R15 during a medical emergency as every second counts. 

13. Who can use an R15 device?

Any bystander may use the R15 device to help an individual experiencing a breathing or cardiac emergency. 

14. Does the R15 have a shelf life?

Yes, the R15 has a 2-year shelf life. 15. How should I dispose of the R15? After use, let the R15 stand overnight and dispose as any plastic container.  If the device reaches its 2-year shelf life and is unused, simply activate the device and let the R15 stand overnight and dispose as any plastic container. 16. Can anyone buy an R15 device? Yes – the R15 device does not require a prescription or special training, as does an oxygen cylinder. It is sold online at rapidoxygen.com as well as through select distributors.