Blizzard Trauma Blanket (Large)

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The Blizzard Trauma Blanket provides TOG 7 thermal insulation and prevents heat loss in the trauma patient in cases of hemorrhage, burns, inclement weather exposure or immersion in water. The Reflexcell® material’s cellular network traps warm air, the metalized surface reflects heat back to patient, and the hem cinch-cord prevents heat from escaping. The Blizzard Trauma Blanket is the number 1 choice of the US Army. Its compact package stows conveniently in your backpack or IFAK pouch.


  • Full length 3-layer blanket
  • Reflexcell® material
  • TOG 7 warmth
  • Front access
  • Double sided tape closure
  • Hem cinch-cord
  • Reusable
  • Color: Green
  • Vacuum packed