Defibtech Lifeline View/Pro/ECG Standard 4-Year Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery Pack

SKU: DCF-2003
Regular price $220.06

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Replace the battery in your AED before its expiration date to ensure your defibrillator is always ready when needed. This Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery was designed for use with the Defibtech Lifeline View, Pro, and ECG AED units. The 4-Year battery pack is disposable, recyclable, and non-rechargeable. It provides 12V, 2800 mAh power and its capacity is 125 shocks or 8-hours continuous operation. Standby-life is 4 years. When battery is low, visual and auditory indicators will alert.

For Use With Defibtech Lifeline View AED, Defibtech Lifeline ECG
Battery Life 4 Years