See Rescue Streamer (2 Sizes)

Portable Streamer Rescue Device

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The easy to use portable rescue device to use when lost or stranded to provide continuous visibility of location so that you are easier to locate.  Increase your survival odds with the See Rescue Streamer as "You need to be Seen to be Rescued".

  • Portable, personal lighted streamer
  • Use on land, sea or snow
  • Day or night


    • Small (6" x 25', 8.0 oz): In Holster (3" D x 6" L), for personal use on PFDs, flight vests, survival kits (Detected 1.3 miles away at 1,500 altitude)
    • Large (11" x 40', 12.3 oz): In reflective foil pack (3" D x 11" L), for use in marine vessels, land vehicles, lifecrafts, survival kits, 1-2 man rafts (Detected 1.3 miles away at 1,500 altitude)

    Key Points

    • Stand Out Against Your Surroundings - providing safety and peace of mind, the See/Rescue Streamer (As Seen on Shark Tank) is the patented, continuous signaling device to highlight your location for search and rescue to quickly find you on land, sea, and snow, day or night
    • Must Have Emergency Rescue Tool - military approved & adopted survival gear used by military organizations worldwide, the See/Rescue Streamer is fitted with a universal distress symbol, chem-lights, retro-reflective material, and specialized air-filled struts for buoyancy, rigidity and to prevent tangling
    • Great For All Outdoor Enthusiasts - this portable emergency survival streamer is the perfect gift for pilots, boaters, scuba divers, sailors, kayakers, back country skiers, campers, or hikers to keep in their survival kits. No need for batteries, chemicals, or electronics
    • Easy, One-Handed Operation - the compact, lightweight See Rescue Streamer rescue device can easily fit in your pocket, be tucked away in a backpack, or even fitted on personal flotation devices. Personal Measures: 2" D x 6" L, Wt.: 7oz, Deployed: 6" Wide x 25' Long
    • Proven Lifesaving Device - with a detection range of 1.5 miles at 1,500 feet and bright orange color, the See Rescue survival tool will draw attention from rescuers even if you're asleep or injured. Making it a great alternative to flares, signal smoke, sea marker dye, and EPIRB's that are all short lived