AirPro14 Air Monitor (14 Sensors)

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We breathe in and out more than 20,000 times - every day. So it's good to know what's in the air.

Simple and comprehensive air analysis

The air-Q is the innovation for measuring air quality for home and office. It monitors the components of the air, the room climate and environmental influences with a large number of sensors. The device continuously analyzes all data in real time (interval ~ 1.8 seconds) with scientific precision and thus offers individual and valuable solutions for a healthier life and more productive work. With the amount of sensors, the optional additional sensors and the most modern software, the air-Q is currently the world's most comprehensive, powerful and intelligent air analyzer. No device has more options and sensors.

What's Included?

  • air-Q pro with 14 Sensors + 2 virtual sensors
  • 16 GB memory for very extensive data storage
  • USB Power supply and Cable
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android in the App Store/Play Store

air-Q smartphone app and web app  

The air-Q app for iOS (from iOS 11.0) and Android (from Android 6.0) offers real-time measured values, diagrams and sophisticated analysis options as well as the air-Q health advisor with individual tips for improving your air quality .
All data is evaluated using artificial intelligence (AI) and continuously analyzed. This opens up previously unimagined possibilities for recognizing situations and dangers.

There is no internet requirement - All measurements also work offline! If the air-Q Cloud is optionally activated, the measurement data is temporarily stored on our own servers. The air-Q Cloud allows data to be accessed using the smartphone app while on the go, and access to our air-Q web app at my. with multidimensional diagrams, push and email messages, smart widgets for integration into your own websites and presentations and CSV data exports. The use of the online functions is free of charge.

Smart functions with smart measuring device 

The measurement data from your indoor air provides important information for your smart home or building automation systems. The air-Q is thus able, for example, to function as a signal transmitter for automatically opening windows, controlling air purifiers or switching heaters on and off. But intelligent software allows much more than that. The air-Q also enables you to:

  • detect fire and cigarette smoke as well as changes in noise levels
  • detect pollutants such as fine dust and chemicals, and make temporal patterns visible
  • detect possible risks of mold accurately and point them out directly as an e-mail or push message
  • detect the presence of people in the room and warn when nobody is actually supposed to be there
  • detect open windows or accidentally activated heaters and even deactivate them

Special software functions + Science option for developers (air-Q science only!) 

Science option for developers is not included here! This is only included with the air-Q science, giving you full access to all API functions of the air-Q. The documentation can be found here:

For whom is the air-Q pro intended

  • Health-conscious people receive comprehensive and transparent information about the most important food - the air we breathe. Pollution such as mold or pollutants can be recognized and prevented. Allergy sufferers are warned early on when stressful and critical air conditions can trigger or intensify allergies.
  • Families can rest assured that the air is unpolluted. Gas emissions from e.g. furniture, carpets or toys are recognized by the air-Q, promoting a healthy life and healthy sleep and thus preventing diseases.
  • The air-Q offers smart home users and technology enthusiasts many options for intelligently networking their home or office. The integration capability is constantly being expanded through software updates.
  • Owners of gas heaters or fireplaces can detect dangerous levels of pollutants such as carbon monoxide or particulate matter. The air-Q warns significantly earlier, even before the danger is noticed.
  • With the air-Q health and performance index, companies receive two important sources of inspiration for healthy air in offices, practices and meeting rooms. The air-Q thus makes a decisive contribution to the well-being and efficiency of your employees and customers. Smart widgets can make your commitment visible to the outside world.
  • Researchers and data analysts can export all data and use them for their own data analysis in third-party software (Excel, statistics programs) or all data in real time directly via air-Q's own API (only air-Q Science!). send own database.

Technical Data and Dimensions

  • Power supply via USB-C power plug (5 V) (only power supply, no data via USB!)
  • Energy consumption in continuous operation between 1 and 2 watts
  • WiFi connection via 2.4 GHz connection (5 GHz is not supported)

The air-Q can be upgraded with additional sensors. All important sensors are exchangeable. This is our contribution to a sustainable and durable product!


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