R15: CPR Training Unit

Non-Working Unit - Training Only

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FOR TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY: The R15 training unit is used for the administration of the R15 emergency oxygen unit in CPR training

The training unit comes with a connecting tube and attached mask, just as does the R15 working unit.  Using the R15 in real life environment is simple - just  turn the handle and connect the mask to provide humidified oxygen while waiting for EMS.

This R15 is suitable for various locations such as industrial, corporate, schools, retail/public, government/municipal, airports, train stations, resorts, homes, and pools. It is typically placed near a fire extinguisher and/or AED for easy access. The device is user-friendly and requires no maintenance, making it a must-have for any health and first aid program.

Developed in collaboration with the University of Michigan, the portable and non-explosive R15 oxygen is readily available without a prescription or power source. It is also integrated into CPR/First Aid training courses as a best practice, serving as a valuable tool in preparing for cardiac or breathing emergencies, such as allergic reactions or asthma attacks, while waiting for professional help to arrive.