Replacement Brush heads for DuoBrush Electric Toothbrush

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Enjoy the best of both worlds. Easily switch between traditional sonic brushing and the Y-Brush brushing with just one handle. Two heads, one handle, unlimited convenience.

*4-month replacement brush head
*Hassle-free cleaning: Brush all your teeth anytime, anywhere
*Sparkling smile boost
*Lifetime warranty for Y-Brush handle with subscription

When to change the brush head? Every 4 months, as soon as you see that the bristles are worn out.

Y-Brush brush heads are designed without latex or silicone. They have 35,000 soft medical-grade nylon filaments to effectively remove dental plaque. These bristles are angled at 45° to follow the Bass method.

Y-Brush brush heads are compatible with Duo Brush

Adult Size (M) For everyone aged 12 and above.

What's in the Box?

- 1 brush head for the Y-Brush
- 1 regular straight line brush head