GE Safety Helmut Vented/Non-Vented (KOROYD)

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The Future of the Safety Helmet has Arrived.

The award winning safety helmet, the GH400, features Koroyd’s advanced impact absorbing technology as the inside protective layer between the ABS shell of the helmet and the head of the user. In comparison with the rest of the safety helmets on the market today, the GH400 is the only one that uses Koroyd's patented technology, as the solely protective material, instead of the traditional EPS foam most of the rest of the helmets use.  

  • Type 1
  • Dielectric
  • Koroyd Impact Absorbing Technology
  • Advanced Breathability and Cooling System
  • Lower profile & Less weight
  • Adjustable Ratchet System
  • 4 Points Chin Strap
  • Class C
  • Class E
  • ANSI Z89.1-2014

Why have we chosen Koroyd over traditional EPS foam?

Because when EPS foam is compressed during an impact, it becomes stiffer, resulting in more energy being transferred from the impact to the head of the user. The Koroyd material used in the GH400, as shown in the video, crumples consistently during the impact. This advantage reduces the energy from an impact transferred to the user, and consequently protects the user better.

Our mission is to deliver a helmet that offers better protection without compromising user comfort. A helmet so lightweight and compact it's easy to forget it's on, reducing short-term removal and the risk of injury, while improving performance.

The engineered structure of the Koroyd material has many benefits:

  • Ability to absorb the energy of any impact at a constant rate
  • Decreases chances of injury for the user
  • Koroyd is advanced impact technology that outperforms EPS foam by 48%
  • Minimal heat accumulation.

The structure of the Koroyd material is composed by the world’s thinnest walled tubes. This enables heat from the user’s head to vent out of the helmet easily. Helped by the cross ventilation system, the GH400 prevents heat stress in most conditions.

Featuring the world’s thinnest walled tubes, Koroyd`s structure is 95% air, providing reduced weight and enhanced comfort without compromising on safety.