HERO-5 Emergency System

Includes All Equipment: AED+Oxygen+Bleed Kit+Narcan+Epinephrine
Regular price $178.00

The HERO-5 emergency system includes all devices and supplies to make certain that you are prepared.  All emergency devices included for each of the 5-storage areas included in the cabinet shown for the rental term selected.  The HERO-5 system is complete with the following:

  • Lifepak CR2 Fully Automatic AED
  • Rapid Oxygen's R15 Emergency Oxygen
  • Bleed Kit (6 personal bleed kits included)
  • Narcan (3 doses)
  • Epinephrine (2 auto-injectors)

Includes weighted base for freestanding option or install as wall mount system.

Plan 1: AED Monitoring

Hero provides daily AED monitoring and a digital log to ensure compliance and that the AED is maintained and ready for use in an emergency.  

Plan 2: Maintenance Program

Replacements are provided automatically upon the expiration of the each item.  The epinephrine, for example, has a one-year expiration and as such, 2 new auto-injectors of epinephrine will be sent to the customer every year of the rental period.  Similarly, the Emergency Oxygen will be replaced every 2-years at no additional cost as will the other HERO-5 items.  The cabinet includes a frosted cabinet door, as well as lettering as shown.