Premium Y-Sonic Electric Toothbrush (4 Modes)

Premium Version (4 vibration mode, Black Finish, Incl. Bundle))
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Experience a dentist-clean feeling every day with one stroke brushing technology that reaches every corner effortlessly.

*3-month battery life (with just 2 hours of charge)
*Hassle-free cleaning: Brush all your teeth anytime, anywhere
*4 vibration modes for gentle yet effective removing plaque with soft nylon bristles
*Lifetime warranty with subscription

- 4-months replacement brush head + 3-months battery (rechargeable)
- 4 sonic vibration modes
- Choice of vibration intensity
- Choice of brushing duration
- Integrated timer
- Soft-touch finish

What's in the Box?

- 1 Nylon Black toothbrush
- 1 adult brush head
- 1 interactive accompanying video
- 1 toothpaste applicator
- 1 charging cable