Switch Mini Safety Cutter

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The Switch Mini fits in the palm of your hand and is perfect with a lanyard.  It has the same replaceable cartridge as our Cardinal Switch which makes it safe and easy to change out.

Note: Takes Standard Switch Cartridge Replacement 
Recyclable: Yes

Applications/Industries: Packaging, Shipping, Distribution, Office, Household

Types of Material it Cuts: 

Cardboard (up to double wall), plastic film, twine, shrink wrap, zip ties, bags, seatbelts, etc.


  • Handle Weight: .052 lbs.
  • Cartridge Weight: .283g, .010oz
  • Handle Measurements: 3 x 1.50 x .50in
  • Cartridge Measurements: 1.87 x 1.25 x .125in
  • Cartridge Part # C-105
  • Handle Part #: C-111KC
  • Blade Material: Carbon
  • Patent: Pending