LifeShirt CO2 Approved Water Sensor Kit (Incl. 1xCO2 Cartridge)

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Approved water sensor and (1) CO2 cartridge for use with the Hero LifeShirt.  Purchase of a LIfeShirt incldues the water sensor and 1 CO2 cartridge - this is for replacement only and not needed if purchasing a new LifeShirt.

New CO2 cartridge required upon each automatic inflation. Note: The Hero LifeShirt may be inflated manually without the CO2 cartridge, however, the CO2 cartridge is used to automatically inflate the LIfeShirt if selected.


In the Box

  • (1) LIfeShirt Water Sensor
  • (1) CO2 cartridges per kit (25 g)
  • CO2 cartridge is 3/8 Inch Threaded
  • (1) Rearming Clip